Riverside raceway

1984 Nissan 300ZX at Z Sport Canada

1984 Nissan 300ZX Pre-Owned

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Details: Grapes.

Grapes was a NS car that lived it last 7 years in Northern Beaver Bank. Paul and Ross stopped by to see this Zee one Saturday afternoon in 2010 and were shown a rusted piece of junk but the 5sp and motor worked great. We offered $250 and they wanted $3K....came down to $1500 but even with the lure of grapes off a small vine, we had to decline...inside joke....in Mid September 2012, I stopped by chance and spoke with a new owner of the property. Billy and his dad were elated to take the $250 and run. Dollied it home, tore it down and crushed the carcuss. Motor and tranny to be used in a Datsun race car in the future. Stay tuned. VG30 Transplant...yeahhhhh. Originally plated in HAWAII !!

Stock #: 104
Color: Beige
Mileage: 101,000
Engine: V6
Drive Train: Rear Wheel Drive

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