Riverside raceway


1976 Toyota Corolla


Engine: 4
Transmission: Manual
Fuel Type: Gasoline

Body Style: Coupe
Doors: 2 Doors
Drive Train: Rear Wheel Drive

After taking a summer break, ZSport Canada's Operations Director(ME HA!) decided it wanted to bring in a Toyota just to be different. Actually it was eventual parent Ross who was digging into his memory bank from College days in Ontario. He wanted his SR5 back after watching his 75 corolla return to the earth in his parents backyard in the valley. The replacement was found on September 18th, 2008 (car #20) in Elk Grove California. Absolutely rustfree with many motor and suspension upgrades and completely restored I've been driving it May to October ever since. Rustchecked of course. This model was VERY rare and there are only 3 known VINS in all of Atlantic Canada. What a fun ride with that 3TC punched 1.8 with four mukini horns off those double carbs!

Main Image

Seller Info:

Ross Parks

Price: $1.00